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Home News Blog The AWID Blog – Delivery Our Problem-Solving Experience to You
The AWID Blog – Delivery Our Problem-Solving Experience to You
Tuesday, 01 September 2015 14:04

Welcome to the inaugural Applied Wireless ID (AWID) blog and thank you for reading. We decided to start blogging because we see a lot of confusion and uncertainty about how to use RFID technology, and we see even more potential.

AWID has been engineering and manufacturing high-quality, industry-standard RFID products since 1997. However, many people don’t know us because we’ve primarily been a “silent partner” in the industry – other providers of automation and control systems build our readers, encoders and antennas into their solutions. We’ve worked with thousands of companies around the world to incorporate RFID a variety of products, processes and facilities, and now we want to use that experience to RFID-enable the next generation use cases, from automated tool cribs and smart cabinets, to ingenious systems for validating products, parts and configurations, to providing traceability in industrial automation and throughout supply chains, and even positioning products for the Internet of Things (IoT).

AWID can provide a unique and valuable voice to the discussion on how RFID can be applied to improve business. As noted, our products are already built into thousands of RFID systems that make millions of tag reads every day around the world. We design and manufacture low frequency (proximity, 125 KHz) and UHF (865-928 MHz) technology products that comply with ISO, EPCglobal and other international standards, and we’re one of the only companies that produces both readers and antennas.

More importantly, we collaborate with engineers that are designing RFID capabilities into products and systems, and with customers without much knowledge about RFID but need to find ways to improve their operations. AWID works much more closely with its customers than most RFID providers. That experience translates into problem-solving expertise that we hope to share in this blog.

Thanks for reading, and check back every couple weeks to see our insights into new ways RFID is being used, tips for RFID-enabling your products and processes, independent news and views on RFID developments from respected consultants, researchers and reporters, and first-hand advice and lessons learned from our customers and partners.

What do YOU want to see in this blog? Please let us know in the Comments section below.

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