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Home News Blog New Points of View on Where RFID is Going
New Points of View on Where RFID is Going
Monday, 23 November 2015 09:35

Consulting and market analysis firm ChainLink Research partnered with industry association RAIN RFID to present its latest market research and points of view on the direction of the UHF RFID industry. Much of the presentation focused on tags and the retail market, but there were some nuggets of interest about other RFID use cases and how RFID readers are evolving. Here are some highlights of the presentation, along with AWID’s own commentary.

  • Embedded readers are one of the higher-growth segments of the UHF reader market – this was one of ChainLink Research’s findings, and AWID concurs. According to ChainLink, interest in Internet of Things (IoT) systems and greater automation are helping to increase demand for UHF readers that are embedded into other devices. As a leading specialist in this type of reader, we are certainly seeing increased interest and we are working with a more diverse set of clients, including kiosk and cabinet markets, to help them embed RFID into their products and services.

  • Readers are becoming more industry/application specific–ChainLink also noted that manufacturers are optimizing readers and antennas for specific use cases. Again, this is nothing new to AWID, which is one of the few manufacturers that makes both readers and antennas and engineers them to complement each other for top performance in specific environments.

  • The IoT is leading to RFID adoption and is a source of confusion – Enterprises are pursuing Internet of Things projects, which is leading to more RFID use, including more embedded applications. While ChainLink noted IoT is generally good for RFID market growth, it noted that many people are confused about what IoT encompasses and where IoT fits. This point was underscored during the Q&A section at the end of the presentation, as several attendees submitted questions asking what “IoT”refers to.

You can listen to a free replay of the presentation by registering here. Feel free to share your comments and questions about where you see RFID going in the comments section below.

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