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UHF Readers for Touchless Access Control

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The Benefits of Using UHF Readers for Touchless Access Control

As security professionals, you understand the importance of secure access control systems. Access control readers and credentials are essential components of any access control system, providing the ability to grant or deny access to restricted areas or resources. There are several types of access control readers available, including low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), and ultra-high frequency (UHF) readers.

In this article, we will focus on the benefits of using UHF readers for unified credentials and touchless access control, and specifically, AWID's uAxcess line of UHF readers and credentials.

Understanding UHF Readers

UHF readers use a higher frequency range than LF and HF readers, which provides several benefits for access control systems. UHF readers have a longer read range, typically up to 25 feet or more, allowing for faster read times and the ability to read multiple AWID credentials. UHF technology is also less prone to interference and signal loss, making it more reliable in challenging environments.

UHF Reader Applications for Gates

For gate applications, AWID’s LR-3000 is an industry standard for long-range applications using UHF.  However, applications arise where the client wishes to use the same credential for gates as well as doors and need a single credential for all readers.  AWID’s uAxcess UHF readers are an excellent solution requiring unified credentials.  AWID’s complete line of UHF readers are ideal for just about any application and utilize the same credential as the LR-3000.

The Advantages of Touchless Access Control

In today's post-COVID world, touchless access control solutions are more important than ever. UHF readers and credentials provide an ideal solution for touchless access control, allowing users to gain access without the need for physical contact with the reader or credential.

The XM-700 UHF reader boasts a 5-7’ read range and is excellent for touchless door entry.

There are many touchless applications for UHF readers and credentials, such as parking garages, hands-free entryways, and more. These solutions not only improve safety and hygiene but also provide greater convenience for users. 

AWID's uAxcess Line of UHF Readers and Credentials

AWID's uAxcess line of UHF readers and credentials provides an exceptional touchless access control solution for security professionals. The readers are easy to install and customize, with a variety of options available to meet specific needs and requirements. They can be used on any door or gate, indoors or outdoors, and integrate with any system that requires Wiegand Protocol.

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