REARVIEW MIRROR TAG

  • Adheres permanently on shell of rear-view mirror
  • Reading distance up to 20 feet (6.1 meters)
  • Suitable for other locations, even outside vehicles
  • Secure – for one-time use – shows tampering





AWID’s RV-UHF-0-0 hands-free rear-view mirror tag has special features – invisibility and secure application, with good performance in a variety of locations on vehicles.  It is easily attached by strong adhesive to the shell of the inside mirror, hidden by the windshield’s tinting.  Designed for one-time use, the tag indicates any attempt to remove it.  This tag, behind the unblocked windshield area where toll highway tags read, is best with readers above the travel lane.


  • Secure codes
  • Long maintenance-free life
  • Invisible when attached on rearview mirror
  • Long reading distance
  • Freedom of locating tags
  • Compatible with all popular access control systems
  • Superior price:performance ratio
  • Easy installation in vehicles


  • AWID’s proprietary encryption protects data and ensures use of compatible tags.
  • Tags use passive technology – no battery – no need to change tags.
  • Hidden from outside and inside the vehicle.
  • Fits well in applications calling for around 20 feet reading distance.
  • Use in alternative locations outside vehicles, where black side faces reader.
  • Wiegand-type encoding is industry standard.
  • Quick installation, long care-free life, reliable hands-free reading.
  • Instructions supplied, suitable for users’ use when applying tags.
pdf.png Download Filename: Credentials, Vehicle-Mounted - UHF Gen 2 LR - Product Sheet

pdf.png Download Filename: RV-UHF Tag Mounting Instructions

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