WINDSHIELD TAG

  • Adheres permanently inside windshield
  • Reading distance up to 25 feet (7.6 meters)
  • Batteries not needed - passive tag technology
  • Secure - for one-time use - shows tampering



AWID’s WS-UHF-0-0 hands-free windshield tag combines excellent performance with small size and secure application. It is attached inside the windshield, out of the driver’s line of sight, by a strong adhesive. Designed for one-time use, the tag indicates any attempt to remove it. Viewed outside the vehicle, the tag is small and neat. This is the popular tag for long reading distance and permanent assignment to one vehicle.


  • Secure codes
  • Long maintenance-free life
  • Low-visibility of installed tags
  • Long reading distance
  • Freedom of locating tags
  • Compatible with all popular access control systems
  • Superior price:performance ratio
  • Easy installation in vehicles


  • AWID’s proprietary encryption protects data and ensures use of compatible tags.
  • Tags use passive technology – no battery – no need to change tags.
  • Small size (1 inch by 4 inches), plain white, out of line of vision.
  • Used where tags will be read at 20-25 feet from the long-range reader.
  • Choose a place on the windshield where tags aligns with the reader.
  • Wiegand-type encoding is industry standard.
  • Quick installation, long care-free life, reliable hands-free reading.
  • Instructions supplied, suitable for users when they apply the tags.
pdf.png Download Filename: Credentials, Vehicle-Mounted - UHF Gen 2 LR - Product Sheet

pdf.png Download Filename: WS-UHF Tag Mounting Instructions

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