PORTABLE TAG

  • Use like a toll highway tag inside vehicles
  • Reading distance up to 15 feet (4.6 meters)
  • Attach by hook-and-loop strip, move to other cars
  • Use with readers installed above or beside lane





AWID’s PT-UHF-0-0 hands-free portable tag is like a toll highway tag, but much smaller.  It is held in place inside the windshield by a strip of adhesive-backed hook-and-loop fastener.  The PT-UHF tag can be moved easily between several cars, each with its own fastener strip (spare strips are supplied with the tag).  The PT-UHF is rugged.  It can be held in the fingers when passing a long-range reader, and it can be carried safely in a pocket or bag.  It can be used for permanent ID of one vehicle, or to show what vehicle a driver is occupying.



  • Tags attach on windshield like toll highway tags
  • For applications needing up to 15 feet read range
  • Easily removed and easily re-attached by fastener
  • Instructions are suitable for users to apply the tags



  • Tags read reliably through windshields
  • Long reading distance for hands-free applications
  • Same tag may be used in a number of vehicles
  • Attaches quickly in cars by hook-and-loop strip


pdf.png Download Filename: Credentials, Vehicle-Mounted - UHF Gen 2 LR - Product Sheet

pdf.png Download Filename: PT-UHF Tag Mounting Instructions

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