• Hangs on keyring, key chain, reel-type hooks
  • Reading distance up to 12 feet (3.6 meters)
  • Has metal tab with hole - OK for rough use
  • Sealed for any weather, even use underwater



AWID’s KT-UHF-0-0 hand-held keytag takes hard usage in a rough environment.  It hangs by its integrated metal tab on a keyring or keychain or small hook.  It is thinner than a modern car key, and so it takes little space when combined with typical keys and carried in a pocket or bag.  The KT-UHF keytag is perfect for gripping between fingertips when it is aligned with an AWID long-range reader, or for hanging loose like a keyfob as it is moved past the reader.  Use it also for access to doors when walking in a building with UAxcess readers.


  • Right size for keyring or keychain
  • Small enough for carrying in pocket with keys
  • Strong metal tab with hole for keyring
  • Reading up to 12 feet at gates, 6 inches at doors



  • Always ready when keys are in hand
  • Easily presented to reader by fingertips
  • Rugged construction for long, active life
  • All-weather sealed for use at pool or car wash


pdf.png Download Filename: Credentials, Hand-Held - UHF Gen 2 - Product Sheet

pdf.png Download Filename: KT-UHF Keytag Use Instructions

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